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Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Gain profound insight and guidance with a comprehensive tarot and oracle card readings tailored to your specific question or area of life. Acquire profound insights for your journey.

Reiki with Sound Healing

Immerse yourself in the power of Distant Reiki sessions led by our skilled Reiki Master to the sound of healing audio crafted by our in-house award-winning music producer and composer. 

Creative Block Busting

Unleash your artistic potential, overcome creative blocks, and embrace your creative destiny with our transformative program. Channel your newfound creative power with passion and purpose.

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Sacred Self-Care Membership

Experience personalised tarot readings, distant Reiki healing, and unique sound healing audio tailored to you. Join now our monthly membership for healing & growth.

Discover the natural path to balance & happiness through my empowering healing guidance and transformative practices.

About Me

Uncover holistic well-being thorough intuitive healing & spiritual guidance. Alena, a Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Master, blends centuries-old wisdom with revolutionary sound healing audio for unforgettable sessions.
Embark on a transformative journey, tailored to your personal needs, unlocking your true potential.

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“This was such a unique experience for me. I was truly confused about a few aspects of my life and turned to Alena for guidance. Her readings resonated with me so well. I especially love the voice note concept as it allows me to re-listen to her readings and clarify anything I may have doubts with. It also allowed me time to fully understand and take in her readings! I made a major decision in life based on her readings and as she mentioned I feel liberated and also feel like I have more direction and motivation now. Thank you for this amazing experience, Alena!”

– Vicky V.

“I had been suffering from a persistent migraine that stemmed from a concussion I had years ago. Despite trying various painkillers, the migraine persisted for months, causing me immense discomfort. However, after just one 60-minute session with Alena, I experienced a remarkable shift. Her reiki healing techniques worked wonders and alleviated my migraine completely. I'm genuinely amazed by the results and highly recommend Alena to anyone who is grappling with post-concussion symptoms. Her skills are truly incredible!”

– Daniel B.

“Alena delivered an exceptional tarot reading that helped me reflect on important questions, guided me towards the right path, and brought up deep subconscious thoughts. Her intuitive insights and compassionate approach left a lasting impact. I highly recommend Alena’s reading services for empowering clarity and guidance.”

– Irina R.

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